Petroleum Systems Services Corporation
Serving the Industry since 1993!

Your source for a complete line of Petrochemical Testing Equipment and Scientific Glassware. Featuring quality products by Koehler Instrument Company, XOS, & others. We provide quality test instrumentation and technical support, as well as calibration services for terminals, refineries, research and test laboratories. PSSC is well known for our ASTM Vapor Pressure Calibrations for Eralytics, Graber Instruments, Herzog & Stanhope-Seta. We are the Northeast Sales Reps for the popular XOS line of Sindie Sulfur, Chloride and Trace Metals Analyzers.

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KI-71000 Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer ASTM D93 Methods A, B & C

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New from XOS
Petra 4294 (Sulfur only)and PetraMax ASTM D4294 and Multiple Elements

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Sulfur and Chloride Analyzer in one unit
ASTM D02 on Petroleum Products Sheraton Boston Mass, June 25-June 29th 2017